McGinnty's Business Brokers Group is a Commercial Real-estate Brokerage with various specialized sales teams. It is our opinion that 2015 will be the most active year that we have seen in over seven years. Many business owners, who have held on to their businesses during the last few years of very tough times, are now ready to sell, those who couldn't hold on, have left vacant space landlords are anxious to lease at affordable rates.  We think 2015 is going to be the start of something really good. The time is right and we are hiring Brokers and Sales Associates with experience in the following areas: Commercial Leasing (office space, retail strip centers and warehouse space), Retail Businesses, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Restaurants and Bars, Liquor Licenses and anything Hospitality.

   We have three different commission split plans for you to choose from.

   Plan A is designed for Seasoned Commercial Real Estate Agents who need very little training or oversight. If you choose plan A, your commission split starts out on your very first deal at a 95/5 commission split, 95% of your Net Commission goes to you and 5% of the net commission goes to the brokerage.

   Plan B is designed for new and inexperienced Commercial Real Estate Agents. Plan B is a perfect way for you to get started and eventually move into Plan A.  If you choose plan B, your commission split starts out at 50/50 and as you make sales it progresses to a 75/25 split.

   Plan C Sales Team Leader is designed for Real Estate Agents who have the ability to recruit new sales agents to our company, the desire to work as a team and who enjoys training and mentoring new or inexperienced sales agents. Your sales team can be anything you want it to be from Convenient Store Specialist to Office Space Leasing Specialists just as long as your team only sells Commercial Real Estate. Sales Team Leaders get a few extra perks directly from the brokerage based on team member performance.

   For more information about office fees and how they work, please take a look at our Independent Contractors agreement and commission split schedules. More Information.

  Thank You So Much and please look over our site and if you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to call me.

Kerry Jon Hamann
Licensed Real Estate Broker


*    Great work environment.

We have a Sales Team that specializes in the buying and selling of Restaurants and Bars. You have the opportunity to join their team provided you want to work in restaurants and bars. In order to buy and sell restaurants and bars you have to go restaurants and bars. You will find the bulk of your buyers and sellers in side of restaurants and bars.

*    Make your own hours.

You have the option of working full time or part-time and the hours of your choosing.

*    Tuition Reimbursement.

We will reimburse your real-estate school tuition if you passed the class within 6 months of your contracting with McGinntys Business Brokers Group. We also reimburse your continuing education costs for as long as you are contracted with us.

*    Personal Webpage on our site.

We provide you with an entire webpage devoted to you. All you have to do is give us the information about you that you would like on your webpage and a little help designing it and we will do the rest.

*    Point of Sale and Marketing Material. More Information

We print and mail out a very useful small business services company directory. We mail 5,000 copies to local small businesses every six months and print our agent's customized version for promotional and marketing purposes. The customized versions have a full page advertisement uniquely devoted to each of our sales agents. Our agents can design their page however they like, to promote themselves, their business experience and qualifications. This unique sales tool can be used as an icebreaker or a door opener for new clients that will secure listings and potential sales like no other.

*    Office Fee Reimbursement program. More Information

We charge a monthly office fee to hang your license with us. We have an office fee reimbursement program that is based on your closings. If you sell, you get your office fees reimbursed.

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